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Jolie - Juice Lovers

Jolie - Juice Lovers is a charming space in Funchal, open since 2018.

The owners of Jolie - Juice Lovers constantly face challenges in the dynamics of the restaurant. However, the diverse offer and dedication to providing a unique experience to customers make these challenges stimulating and rewarding.

The owners' passion for dealing with people and customers is evident in every interaction. Furthermore, creativity in creating new products for the point of sale demonstrates the commitment to surprising and delighting customers with innovative and delicious options.

In the interview, manager João Gomes highlighted the choice of Lavazza Top Class coffee to integrate the Jolie - Juice Lovers offer. Described as a balanced batch of good quality, Lavazza Top Class perfectly complements the establishment's philosophy of offering excellent products to its customers.
"More than a place to enjoy a drink, the establishment is a tribute to the owners' daughters, with a special focus on promoting health and well-being through a diverse offer of hot and cold drinks and healthy dishes. "

João Gomes, Manager of Jolie - Juice Lovers

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