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Jinn Café

Jinn Café opened its doors in February 2023, and is a distinct point of sale in the Funchal panorama. Under the guidance of manager Mary, Jinn Café wishes to offer a unique experience to its customers, differentiating itself in the market by offering hot and cold coffee drinks.

Standing out among the rest, Jinn Café opted for the La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia, a batch of Arabica coffee that stands out for its distinction and quality. This careful choice reflects the space's commitment to offering its customers a truly exceptional experience, with unique notes and engaging aromas.
"The inspiration for Jinn Café came from the owners' desire to create something truly unique in the hot and cold coffee drinks market. Seeking to go beyond the ordinary, they brought with them previous experience in the Middle East, thus seeking to incorporate innovation and authenticity to the establishment's offer."

Mary, Manager of Jinn Café
Since its opening, Jinn Café has been warmly received by customers, who show great interest in trying the new offerings. The demand and positive reception demonstrate the acceptance of the establishment's innovative proposals, thus consolidating its position as a reference place for coffee lovers in the city.

Jinn Café represents more than a simple point of sale - it is a space of innovation and experience, where each cup of coffee tells a unique story. The establishment continues to surprise and delight customers by offering a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks that defy expectations and elevate the consumer experience to a new level.

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