Conversations with NewCoffee Points of Sale

Guto Café & Gelataria

We spoke to the owner of Guto Café & Gelataria, a newly opened point of sale in Funchal, since September 2023. Patrício Pedra shared with us his passion for offering a fresh and healthy gastronomic experience to customers. His dedication to providing a unique and memorable experience for customers is evident in every detail, thus elevating the Guto experience to an exceptional level.

From the beginning, the space's mission was to create a welcoming environment where customers could enjoy high-quality meals and drinks, prepared with care and dedication.
"Guto Café & Gelataria was born from my passion for my own gastronomic concept, focused on providing customers with a fresh and healthy experience. I consider myself an objective and persistent person, who likes to put my personal and professional stamp on the preparation of meals and drinks offered at the establishment."

Patrício Pedra, Owner of Guto Café & Gelataria
This establishment located in Campo da Barca chose Bogani Prestige coffee for customers to enjoy. The owner expressed his high satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting the quality of the coffee batch and the dedication of the NewCoffee sales team. The persistence and motivation of the team were key factors that positively influenced the choice of coffee for the establishment.

For Patrício Pedra, coffee is not just a drink, but an ally to the fresh and healthy meals offered to customers. The owner values the importance of offering a complete experience, where each element, from meals to drinks, contributes to elevating the gastronomic experience as a whole.

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